So, you want people to like you!

The question to start with is: Why do you want to be more likable?

Do you believe if you were more likable, you will feel a certain way? Accepted, liked, loved, more desirable. So what is stopping you from feeling that way right now?
A lot of the time, the things we want the most are the things that we aren’t giving to ourselves.

Ask yourself- Are you expecting everyone to respect you, yet you are not respecting yourself? Are you liking yourself, or are you expecting everyone else to do that for you too?

When you rely on others to create a feeling for you, they will fail. It’s not possible.
When we go out of our way to people please in hopes of being likable, we are not offering our true selves to be liked. We are offering a fake version of ourselves which is false and misleading.

Ask yourself- Are you willing to be yourself and have people not like you?
Imagine you were a mango, a juicy perfect mango. No matter how perfect you are, not everyone likes mangoes. It doesn’t have to mean anything if people don’t like you. What meaning you give it is up to you. You are just not their desired fruit and they don’t like mangoes. No harm, no bad feelings. It’s not personal or about you.

When you change who you really are and go around trying to get people to like you, you show up desperate, needy and even can come off creepy. Let people see that you like yourself, and if they like you, great, and if not, that’s fine too. Be self-assured and comfortable in your own skin, that’s attractive. When you unconsciously let your own light shine without judgement of yourself, that’s when you draw people to you.