Is there something in your life that isn’t working or something that isn’t yet what you want it to be? It can be big or little but it needs to be specific.

Now ask yourself. “What am I doing that’s creating the result that isn’t working?”

Taking responsibility for your current results in your life is a really important step in the process of change.

Next ask yourself:

 1. “What is the specific result I want?”

 2. “What are the actions I need to take to get the results I want?”

 3. “What kind of person do I need to become to get the results I am after?”

Remembering that our THOUGHTS create out FEELINGS and our feelings drive our BEHAVIOURS/ACTIONS/RESULTS.

Your current situation or result has been a result from your current thinking.

If you want to change the result, you need to change how you’re think.

If for example you wanted to lose weight, how would someone who is at their desired healthy state think? Would they be constantly thinking about chocolate and thinking that they ‘don’t feel like exercising’? Or would they acknowledge their current thoughts, yet remind themselves of change they were after and go exercise anyway.

Changed results comes from changed behaviour. If you want new results, you need new thoughts and behaviours.

I want you visualize yourself already achieving your result and you allow yourself to feel how it would be to feel the new results you have created. I encourage you to mentally rehearse your new way of thinking. Practice the thought, practice feeling the way you want to feel to create the emotion you want to create. Keep practising and going forward until your new way is effortless. Give yourself the chance to create your life deliberately. If it is important enough to you, you will make it happen. If it’s not, you will make excuses.