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Being a future-focused life coach who projects my year ahead of time with gratitude has served me in my life. I want to teach you how to do that too.
Many people don’t want to plan their year ahead of time as they are afraid of failing; hey, I get it, that was me too. We often get too overwhelmed with the how of everything instead of the what. When we do this, we limit the many avenues to the results we want.


With all the kids heading back to school and the house is finally quiet, it is a perfect time to reflect on what you did in the previous year and what you want to do this year. It’s time to think about the best scenario for this year. Where are you a year from now?
Think about who you will become and what you will have accomplished this year.
It would be best if you spoke about what you’ve done in the first person, using the past tense. For example, I’ve become a better supervisor/business owner. “I am more organised and have created a successful team.” State precisely what you have accomplished.
“I have accomplished doubling my income by this time last year, and I am so grateful I have achieved this because….” “I have shed the excess emotional baggage, let go of #self-sabotage and now have a #healthybody to match.”


There comes a time when the original reason you started to work towards your goal is not why you continue. An example of this is weight loss. Initially, many clients start the Healthy Mind and Body programs to look better in their clothes. Within weeks, their personal growth goals and shedding limiting beliefs becomes the main drive, and weight loss is just a byproduct. Your mindset has often shifted to something more profound, more significant, and critical.


I recently completed an audiobook called The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan, which I highly recommend. The book addresses the concept that you pick one thing to focus on to make everything else unnecessary or irrelevant. In the past two months, the one thing for me has been selling and relocating to our beach suburb. WMy ” one thing ” has pivoted with the house packed up and our move around the corner; my “one thing” has pivoted.

Many people have an idea to create a business, sell a product/ idea, apply for a job or lose weight. And they are trying to find people, places and things to accept it or buy it. Buy into it yourself first. Burn the boats and be all in. If it is a business you want to create, go out there and find the people you want to serve. Find their pain point and deliver it to them.

So, what is your plan for 2021? What is the one thing you’re going to focus on and bring to life? What are you going to create for yourself? Have you created a plan by writing it all down, schedule it on your calendar and execute it no matter what.

This year is your time to shine.

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