Project Description

I was searching for yet another Weight Loss program when I met Ray in 2011.

At the time, I was at least 20 kgs overweight and was on daily pain medication for my hips and knees.

In 2012, Ray and I set a goal, and I ran my first ever city to surf fun run, 14klms. No pain relief required. 20kgs gone.

Here I am now in 2018 some seven years later still no pain relief required and the 20kgs gone forever.


In Ray, I have not only found an incredible Life Coach & Wellness Coach, but I have also gained a lifelong friend.


Ray has created a safe space to train, meditate, practise Yoga, trust and be vulnerable in life’s journey. As a community, we share ups and downs, relationships challenges, work/career troubles and mental/health issues.

Ray ‘s Inner Strength Coaching Healthy Mind & Body program empowered us with useful life skill tools, knowledge and her experience to assist and support us manage these challenging situations.

Within my work life, I have experienced significant stress. I worked with Ray through her hypnotherapy to be able to manage to get through each day. This experience was so useful it empowered me to make a significant career change, and I am ever grateful to Ray for guiding me on this path. Today with Ray’s encouragement and support, I have my own business. It would never have been an option without a Life Coach like Ray.


I have also experienced many issues as a parent of 2 wonderful, smart, caring boys. One of which has a very challenging side that impacts significantly on the whole family. Ray has spent many hours with me, allowing me to “offload” then worked with me exploring many strategies for my family’s circumstance.

Not only has Ray embraced me over the last seven years, and she has also adopted my family. Both my boys have attended Ray’s Kids Off the Couch Program, family yoga and Mindful Meditation. Both our boys have learned about proper nutrition and healthy life choices. They are now capable and confident in making their healthy meals, snacks and able to handle conflict within themselves and others better.  Ray, in particular, worked with my eldest to empower him to manage the bullying he was experiencing at school. Through physical activity and mindful techniques, Ray was able to instil positive self-thoughts, building up his self-image and self-esteem.


I cannot thank Ray enough for her genuine kindness, caring and compassion. Ray certainly is one amazing Life Coach and a beautiful human being. We love her dearly.

Ray, you are the wind beneath my wings.

Love BIRD xx