Project Description

Ray has coached me in her A Ray of Fitness and Inner Strength Coaching studio for over ten years. First, it was for strength training and cardio, and later I joined her Inner Strength Coaching Healthy Mind & Body Program for yoga, meditation and mental health support.

The Inner Strength Coaching Program Healthy Mind & Body Program, helped me develop the tools I needed for coping with social anxiety, making career decisions and processing life’s daily challenges.


The ISC Health and Fitness Program taught me how to nourish my body correctly and shed the extra weight I gained while travelling oversea in my teens. The life-changing program also helped my husband, and I get in peak condition for our wedding and lose the extra body fat after the birth of our first baby.


Each Life Coaching session with Ray brings a new story or lesson; family, friendships, nutrition, training and mental health. Ray has taught me so much over the years. The importance of looking after myself and putting my health first through exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

I cannot thank Ray enough for helping to shape the person I am today.