Project Description

I started with Inner Strength Coaching 6 years ago and I can honestly say that a four-day Life-Coaching session, five years ago, completely transformed me and my life.
Before I started coaching with Raylee, I was in my early forties and was out of shape. I ate lollies every day, did no exercise and was the queen of excuses. I was in the lowest level position at work and genuinely believed that this was the limit of my capabilities.
Since completing the Healthy Mind & Body Program, my life has changed dramatically. I am now a manager and have had numerous promotions in the last few years. I genuinely believe the reason is I have gained trust and belief in myself.
I happily workout most days, sugar is a rare treat in my diet, and I don’t recognise my own body!
I have made some life friends through Raylee’s A Ray of Fitness and Inner Strength Coaching Studio.
I am truly grateful every day for the self-respect and confidence I have gained through being coached by her.
One Happy Client