Project Description

I met Raylee over 20 years ago, as we were both in the Fitness Industry.

I joined A Ray of Fitness team and worked for Ray as a trainer. What I saw was a fantastic group of likeminded people led, encouraged, guided and supported by Ray in every way.

You see, Ray isn’t just another coach. Ray wants to know everything about her clients, what they like, and what they dislike. It’s not about the scales or even having a goal weight; it’s about being healthy in every way, both mentally and physically. Ray helps you to discover things about yourself, the good and the not so good, allowing you to reach your full potential.

As a trainer myself, I learnt so much from Ray Ray (this is what her clients call her). Her studio was a safe place, clients brought their kids, and the kids LOVED Ray Ray. A client came in one day, and Ray noticed she wasn’t herself, so Ray took her for a walk to chat with her to find out what the problem was. Now that for me is going beyond just being a trainer, finding out why her client wasn’t herself before training her helped this client to then join in on the session with a clearer mind. It’s those acts of kindness that make a huge difference in someone’s day.

As Ray started to take steps towards her new venture and starting Inner Strength Coaching, I knew just how good she would be as she was already helping people in more ways as a trainer.

I am a mother to two beautiful kids, one of them having Autism. Having a child on the Autism Spectrum can be tough and also challenging at times. Having strategies in place to help not only myself but my daughter is super important. Raylee has a great understanding of how to implement these strategies to help me support my daughter.

Ray is one of those women you want in your life; she will keep it real but never with harshness. Ray uses humour when giving advice; she will make you laugh and maybe cry but will always have your back. My life is better with Ray Ray in it, and when I’m feeling down, I know Ray Ray will be there to listen and support me, even now I live miles away from her. If you’re struggling in any way, I encourage you to contact Ray as I know she can help guide you in the right direction.