Project Description

I stumbled upon Raylee by chance 6 years ago and haven’t looked back since!

Before being coached Raylee, I had been a member of a local well-known gym – I had been attending classes regularly but was not getting the results I was after. Sure, I lost a bit of weight but I was still not happy or satisfied. Something was missing – I just didn’t know what until I met Raylee.

Raylee has a calm and logical method of coaching that truly connected and inspired me. Her coaching is both fun and challenging; Raylee gave me the confidence to try new things and push myself outside of my comfort zone and achieve goals I had only once imagined I could. I now consistently have coaching sessions with Raylee weekly.

But it isn’t just about the Healthy Mind & Body Coaching, Raylee offers a holistic approach to wellness. She has given me personalised nutrition advice to help me eat well and stay well, along with the skills and confidence to set and achieve personal and professional goals.
I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) – an auto-immune disease that causes pain and inflammation of the skin and joints – at the age of 24. Before I started with Raylee, SLE was impacting the quality of my life – I was fatigued and suffered from significant joint pain, in fact, even holding my husband’s hand caused me discomfort and pain.

Raylee never put me on a diet; she gave me the knowledge to know how to fuel my body for health and wellness. I now know that having good nutrition combined with a healthy lifestyle and mindset is the secret to long-term wellness.

Raylee’s Inner Strength Coaching’s Healthy Mind & Body is a one-stop-shop – she offers all the tools for personal health, wellness and growth. With Raylee’s support, knowledge, advice and training I have been living my best life – I am fit, healthy, well and able to manage my workload and whatever life throws at me in a calm and measured way.

I am ever thankful for my chance meeting with Raylee that has changed my life!