Project Description

Meet Kelly. Read how Kelly has lost over 23 kilos. Kelly now has the knowledge and motivation to continue her health and fitness journey on her own.

In January 2015, I hit the heaviest weight I have ever been in my life. I was 89kg and couldn’t have felt any worse within myself.

I was busy working on my engineering career, taking care of everyone else around me, and not looking after myself.

The weight just crept up on me. I withdrew from socialising, as I felt horrible in myself and anything I put on. I felt so down on myself, often grumpy with my family, always feeling tired and run down. I loved the winter so I could cover-up. When summer came, I would prefer to spend the day in the air conditioning, rather than hitting the beach or pool with the family, which I always enjoyed doing before my weight gain. I became so down and at a tipping point, and I realised I needed to turn my health around.

One afternoon I drove past A Ray of Fitness, a Small Group Personal training studio. I wasn’t interested in going to a big commercial gym. I have always found those gyms intimidating. Seeing this small studio, I decided this is where I will take my life, health and fitness back.

I’ll never forget the day I met Ray. Ray couldn’t have made me feel more welcome. She was so thrilled that I had come to her for help.

I could see Ray was such a kind and caring person, and I immediately felt I could trust her. I made up my mind to join The Healthy Mind & Body Program and start to get my health on track.


Day one was not easy, mentally and physically! I remember feeling like walking out and never to come back. The realisation of the hard slog ahead was overwhelming. Staying overweight at that point, felt like the more comfortable option. But I didn’t leave. I sucked it up and listened to every one of Ray’s positive words. I heard and applied every one of her tips on how our thoughts control our feelings and how nutrition affects our mental health. I let every one of her encouraging knowledgable words, arse-kicking ways to make me push myself harder and faster every time I trained and with her.

Today, in December 2018, I am a mentally and physically strong woman weighing 63 KGS. More importantly, my lung capacity and internal organs are all very healthy. I now feel confident and happy with myself. My inner strength is more important than external aesthetics!

Today, mental health, mindful nutrition and fitness take priority in my life. Ray and her Inner Strength Coaching Programs have taught me so much about mindfulness, nutrition and training. I am now confident enough to train on my own at my work gym. I now know how to listen to my inner wisdom and eat to fuel my body right. I continue to enjoy daily mindfulness, training sessions of cardio & weights. I do this for strength, health, well-being and most importantly, my mental health.

I know I can always check-in (Ray calls it coming home) if I need help, advice with anything.

Raylee has created the most fantastic monster in me, and I’m forever grateful to her!

Without a doubt in my heart, Ray’s Life Coaching has changed my life. Her determination to see me happy, healthy and free from self-doubt was evident the entire time she coached me.

Raylee, you are one amazing human being, and the worlds need more of you.

Thank you

Kelly xxx