Project Description

Meet Jess!
Jess is one powerful woman. Jess is not one to turn down a challenge. Read how this amazing woman is not letting an auto-immune disease stop her.

I have been on the Inner Strength Coaching Healthy Mind & Body coaching program with Raylee for over 3 years.

I came to see Ray after the birth of my second child. I was wanting to shed the extra kilos I gained after my pregnancy.

I had been diagnosed with Graves diseases which resulted in the removal of my thyroid. I have found losing weight difficult and disheartening.

Ray has helped me adopt a positive mindset not only about my body but about life too.
Every week I learned more and more from Ray about proper nutrition, the function of the body and how we use our mind to help or hinder us. I’m looking forward to learning more and more from her.

What I wasn’t expecting to learn and I am most grateful for, is how much she has taught me to open my mind to new ideas and life experiences. Some of these experiences include swimming laps(never thought I would do or like), stair challenges, hiking the Blue Mountains and also completing a 12 hour 50 km Oxfam trail hike for charity. My biggest achievement is to believe in myself and purchase and successfully manage a team in my own retail store.

What I love about Ray is how much she empowers and motivates me. Ray makes each coaching sessions both challenging and rewarding.

I am lucky to have found Ray as my Personal Trainer and Wellness/Health Coach.

I recommend you talk to Ray about her helping you achieve your Healthy Mind & Body coaching goals too.

It will be the best decision you have ever made.

xx Jessica Stanton