Project Description

Ray’s Inner Strength Coaching’s Healthy Mind & Body Life Coaching has helped me understand that there are many layers to good health.

She has helped me to understand the importance of physical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional balance. With guidance in my business decisions, right food choices, healthy eating habits, exercises, weight training and Mindfulness, I was able to achieve my goals.

I have loved being a part of the ‘Family’ that Ray has created with her Group Training Fitness, Family Yoga and Meditation Classes.

It was in my one on one Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, and M-Braining sessions that I  worked through my past emotional traumas, life goals, family matters and career decisions.

I have found every session to be therapeutic and eye-opening. I have been amazed at how Ray has been able to tap into my thoughts, work through my feelings/emotions and then show me how this drives my actions. Ray always creates a space where I  feel very comfortable, and I always leave feeling positive and with purpose and clarity. All my sessions have helped me grow in personal life, find direction, and giving me the courage I needed to take positive action. But more importantly, they have improved my emotional wellbeing while healing wounds and thoughts from my past.

Ray is very passionate, honest and empathetic, and continues to impact my life in ways beyond my expectations. I am becoming a better and healthier person every day thanks to her knowledge, compassion and dedication.

Thanks to Ray, I truly do believe in myself.

Jen Xx