Project Description

My journey with Raylee started at a time when I felt as if I couldn’t reset (or control) my health in the same way I had done many times in the past.

The idea of running fast for long distances, crunching my body and pushing hard no longer appealed or worked. This is when I found Inner Strength Coaching, Raylee and the Healthy Mind and Body Program.

Raylee is the nicest of blends between encourager and arse-kicker (no room for excuses), always you feel she is in your corner. Her focus on what’s weighing on you rather than your weight is a game-changer. As a neuroscience coach, I understand the power of your thoughts and habits in making and sustaining change – the sabotage and power within your mind. Ray brings this to life through her practice, resources and hypnosis focus.

One of the most powerful tools Raylee shared with me is an understanding and working knowledge of intermittent fasting. The concept that skipping breakfast was not only ok but highly beneficial has changed my world. I had forced myself to eat breakfast for three decades mistakenly believing the myth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s not and I now reap the benefits of happily skipping breakfast most days, clear mind, high energy and a calm brain.

As a busy professional Mum living regionally, I valued flexibility in sessions times, the opportunity for phone coaching as well as Ray’s willingness to share her own vulnerability around juggling work, family and well-being.

Whilst I’m still working towards my health, wellbeing and life goals, I absolutely feel that I have the knowledge and skills to make it happen!

If you feel like you have lost your way with your health, well-being and want a strong, generous and engaging coach to support you in making a change, I highly recommend you give Raylee a call and get started today!

Her professional credentials speak for themselves, her kindness and authenticity ensure partnering with Raylee is a supportive and guaranteed path to success.

Thank you for being in my corner Raylee.

Forever grateful,

Kylie. C.