Project Description

When I first met Ray, I was 18 years old, working two jobs, studying, single and was building a unit. As the years have progressed (10 to be exact) she has taught me not just how to squat and lose weight but how to change my mindset, have self-acceptance, motivation and confidence to chase my dreams.

Today I am a mother of two, in a loving relationship and a director of a Pre-School. Life Coaching and Healthy Mind and Body Coaching have definitely played a positive roll in making all this possible.

The biggest lessons I have learnt from Ray in her Inner Strength Coaching’s Healthy Mind & Body Program is how to put myself first. Having two kids, I often found myself run down and exhausted as I would forget about me. Ray, throughout her Life Coaching, Fitness and Yoga classes, has shared stories and knowledge that has taught me that it’s ok to put your own needs first and that it is essential to stop, slow down and listen. I took this approach on after having my second baby, and I have not experienced postnatal depression or anxiety this time around. I genuinely believe it is from the knowledge and support I’ve been given from Ray these past years.

Ray is not like any other trainer or coach. She is unique. She caters to our personal needs and so openly and happily shares her knowledge and love around.

I’m grateful that at the age of 18, I walked into one of Ray’s classes as a wild young teenager, and she took me under her wing and has transformed me into a person who accepts who she is and coaching has given me life long skills which have made me a better mum, partner and friend.

Thank you, Ray-Ray