Project Description

My Life Coaching story with Ray started ten years ago.

Day in and day out, I would see this super fit lady, in her gym clothes rushing into the school to pick up her two children. She would flash a big, sparkly smile, give all the mothers a wave, and off she would go again. I remember saying to the other mums “she looks so happy and energic, I would love to have just a little bit of that energy.”

It turns out I did get what I wished for and much more though being coached by Ray in ‘A Ray of Fitness’ & ‘Inner Strength Coaching’ studios.

My story started the same as most. I was always the overweight child, struggling fatty teenager just trying to look good as the other skinny girls around me. I stopped eating, tried running myself thin, decided whatever I could to lose a lot of weight fast without any guidance. I felt like nothing worked, so I just come to the reality that, this was me. I tried to accept that I couldn’t become fit.

Through my 20s, I felt depleted of all self-confidence. After the birth of my two daughters, I just chose to accept my fate of being a frumpy mum. This was when my anxiety began to escalate.

Then I saw Ray. She inspired me to be more like her, happy, healthy and having kids willing to be fit too.

Both her daughters were so cheerful, fit and always happy to go for a run with their beautiful mother. That is who I wanted to be. So I gained the confidence to introduce myself and ask her about ‘A Ray of Fitness’, and how I could participate.

A playdate with our children turned into a conversation about her coaching service, and how she could help me be the person I wanted to become. The decision was an easy one; it was time to reclaim my physical and mental health. I was doing this not only for me but for my whole family.

I decided to join the Healthy Mind & Body Program offered at the studio.

Once my coaching began, quickly, my whole life turned around. It was all new and exciting, and everyone in my house loved my new attitude.

Having Ray’s support helped with my new lifestyle, and I remember thinking “why did it take me so long to try something new’.

Having Ray reminding me “you’ve got this” “keep going you can get there” was all I needed. After all my life experiences through my though childhood and in my early 20s, I needed her mindset tools because I didn’t believe in self-love or have any confidence.

That first day I walked into Ray’s studio, not knowing what to expect, was super scary. But Ray introduced me to at least 20 other ladies that all welcome me with their smiling faces. They were all like me and shared similar stories. The girls I met were of all body shapes, some ladies bigger, some super fit, but all happy and willing to start that morning session. That day changed my life drastically. I left that studio feeling like I was going to die of exhaustion, maybe that’s a bit of an overreaction, but that’s how I felt that day, legs trembling. I remember I sat in my car for nearly an hour and cried with a ‘thank god that was over’ but a ‘wow I just did it, and I’m ok.’

After my first group coaching session, I went back consistently because it felt so good to be a part of something like this.

The next significant factor on this fitness journey was my clothes started falling off me.  People began to comment on how much healthier I appeared. I felt so much better about myself, and Ray’s sessions were getting more comfortable every time I went.

There was one particular moment that stands out the most. The day I weighed under 100 kilos, with Ray by my side. We both just hugged and cried of pure relief and proudness; I did it. I didn’t give up this time.

I felt like I was winning for once. I then joined the studio’s running group. My goal was to complete my first 5-kilometre fun run. Now that was a big turning point. Not giving in to the pain and pushing through it, I made it. I’m not a runner, so I felt the overwhelming accomplishment to finish that track. To be a part of the running crew. This group of supportive, like-minded women made me realise I could do anything I set my mind to.

And I did,  along came another three 10-kilometre fun run’s. I completed them all with a smile.

Over the next three years, Ray was always waiting at the finish line, motivating us along the way. I felt happy, healthier than I had ever imagined, and it was all because I had learnt the skills from Ray’s program and was ready for that change.

I let Ray into my head, my heart, and my family. I started making healthier decisions on what food my family ate. Yes, we still would have takeaway occasionally, but she taught me how to make better options.

From then to this day, ten years later, I still hear her voice ringing in my ears “Crystal, don’t you dare order that chicken schnitzel or I will kill you.” She knows they were my weakness.

With Ray’s help, I lost 41 kilos in just over 12 months.

I was a very unhealthy 116 kilos frumpy mum to a (and I can confidently say) a beautiful bride at 75 kilos.  This achievement was another huge milestone in my life, and of course, I had Ray by my side throughout it all.

Ray, you made me a better person, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the knowledge, support and love you have given me throughout the last ten years.

I couldn’t have done it without you.


Crystal xxx