Project Description

It was four years ago I walked into the A Ray of Fitness & Inner Strength Coaching Studio.

I was ready for a physical change, so I joined the Healthy Mind & Body Coaching Program. Ray did help me achieve my health & fitness goals. But more importantly, Ray has enriched my life and in turn, my family’s life too.


I will be forever grateful to Ray for that.

I have grown as a wife, mother, and most importantly, I have found “ME” again. Ray has taught me not only how to improve my physical health but just as importantly, my mental health.


Ray has been an exceptional coach in both the gym and life coaching studio. Not only has she helped guide me but also my children in her Kids Off The Couch Program with exercise and nutritional advice.

She has shared tools and techniques as a Life Coach not only for myself but for my daughter Miss 9

Together we recently attended a meditation course, and I can’t thank Ray enough for the positive changes in my little girl. The Meditation techniques and inspirational teachings have given Miss 9 the tools to support her work through her anxieties.

I look forward to attending more of these sessions.

Angela Roberts