Project Description

I joined the first Inner Strength Coachings Mindful Meditation Program and now am starting number three.

Meditation and Mindfulness with Ray have become an integral part of my daily routine. Mindful Meditation has created a significant impact on my life. I am now in control of my anxiety, depression, have greater focus and able to calm myself quickly when needed.

Since implementing Mindful Meditation, I have a greater awareness of my emotions and how to use the techniques to change an unwanted state.

The Inner Strength Coaching Mindful Meditation Program with Ray has started my journey of self-discovery and how to be more present. I genuinely feel more confident in myself, feel more profound inner peace, and most importantly, I believe in myself.

Meditation has been a life-changing addition to my life, and I cannot express enough thanks to Ray for guiding to this place in my life.

Mindfulness is a practice I will continue.