Project Description

Encouraged by a close friend, I walked into the A Ray of Fitness & Inner Strength Coaching Studio, an overweight unmotivated mother of two girls in an unhappy relationship.
I knew I was the most unhealthy I had been, but I felt stuck in a rut.
The day I met Ray changed my life. I walked out of the studio, exhausted and hurting but suddenly motivated. After one session, Ray instilled the belief in me that I can do this. I can be my happier, healthier self again. Through her welcoming, caring and nurturing environment, she was there to guide me.

With Ray’s Healthy Mind & Body Program, I lost 22 kg. For the first time, I realised that being healthy is not only eating right and exercising but a combination of a lot of things. Training with Ray, I learnt not only the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise but also a healthy mind and having a positive mindset.

On a bad day, I learnt to fight negative thoughts and excuses. I would tell myself “just do it “, “get out of bed”, exercise. It worked. I always felt amazing afterwards. The negative thoughts, the excuses, the tiredness all disappeared.
The most significant change I noticed was in my confidence and feelings of self-worth. For the first time in a long time, I put myself first. I made the time for me.

Ray showed me how if I’m not happy, neither are my family. The most important people in my life are my daughters, and they too, are affected by my choices. I began to set life goals, both personally and professionally. Quickly new habits were formed which soon impacted positively on not only myself but my two girls.
Today, seven years later I’m in a new loving relationship,  have a new job and regularly make sure myself and my family are making time for us, to be in our ‘happy place ‘.
Thank you, Ray, for showing us that we are worth the effort and that life is there to be lived, not just to exist!!!!


Forever grateful.

Kacey x