Project Description

I was referred by a friend to have a complimentary coaching session with Ray. At the time, she was raving about the great results she was achieving while having fun at the same time. My friend needed to lose quite a bit of weight and in the past, regularly made excuses. I witnessed the change in her mental and physical health quite quickly. My inner voice was telling me to do the same and join the Healthy Mind & Body Program.

My friend was right. Ray did make getting fit and losing weight fun. A Ray of Fitness was a small studio which soon becomes my home away from home, my happy place, the place where friendships, memories and new habits were made for life.

In many years, I was coached by Ray, she helped me “wake up’. She taught me how to find my strength when I felt weak. Ray picked me up when I felt down and helped me stay focused when I wanted to quit on my goals.

We all have life-changing periods in our lives. While being coached by Ray, I had quite a few. From changes in family life, I am raising children, career changes and even grieving deaths of loved ones. I am grateful for all the tools I learned Inner Strength Coaching Program that supported me in these difficult times.

Today I am aware of proper nutrition that works for MY body thanks to The Health Mind & Body Programs.  I now know how to maintain healthy body weight and healthy mental state. I believe in myself and now stay focused on my goals. I lost all the weight that was holding me back, but I also released the negativity attached to poor body image too.

I have many high-lights working with Ray. I completed Fun Runs, Stair Challenges, Mindful Challenges, feel in love with exercise and yoga. What I did love also was family yoga with my daughter. Here Ray helped us connect in a nurturing and loving environment. Our mother and daughter connection has always been strong, but this was a new level again.

I will forever be grateful for taking that free coaching session with Ray all those years ago.

I not only walked into Ray’s door but into her safe arms and heart too.

Do yourself a favour, take a free session, you won’t regret it.