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A bit of grab arse!
What do I mean by, a bit of grab arse?
When we break up with an old boyfriend/girlfriend, do you think it is appropriate to drop over once and a while for a little hookup or just a bit of ‘grab arse’?

NO! It puts you right back where you started from.

We try to justify in our minds, that one little drop in won’t hurt.

I want you to think about food that doesn’t serve you as an ex-boyfriend. Every lick or bite is like a grab arse. It takes you right back there in the same emotional state that you are trying to change. The difference is, the time apart has made you realised you missed them and the reconnection is intensified.

We all know how this ends. We binge on our Ex or food and before we know it, we remember the reason why we broke up in the first place.

Food or an ex-boyfriend does not bring you happiness, just guilt.

Every lick and bite is a grab arse.

Be mindful of how much arse you grab.

Set up your food protocol and don’t grab arse.

It’s no longer your arse to touch.

Yours in health and happiness

Coach Raylee

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