Mind & Body Health Coaching

Do you feel confused with all the conflicting messages about food, nutrition and health?

Are you ready to set yourself free and let go of the inner struggle around body image and weight?  Would you like to build a healthy relationship with food, a way of eating and living that could leave you truly nourished, fulfilled without feeling deprivation? 

The time has come for a fresh new conversation when it comes to your way living and eating. It’s time to break old negative habits and learn the right way of living eating for YOU. This 8-week Mind And Body Health Coaching course is YOUR opportunity to transform your current relationship with YOURSELF & FOOD!   You’ll learn life-changing skills and techniques to create the permanent change you are after. Together let’s rebuild trust in your metabolism and fire it up to work efficiently for you. This will be an inspiring time together. It’s your time to discover and trust the nutritionist within you. Learn to nourish your body in a whole new way that only YOU know-how.

No one knows you better than YOU.

Some Key Highlights

  • Up to date tools that work with emotional eating
  • The difference between hunger & desire
  • Strategies for building a healthy appetite
  • How emotion affects metabolism
  • Say goodbye to fad diets or calorie counting
  • Change your thoughts, change your metabolism
  • Recognise you are not broken
  • Powerful strategies on loving the body you are in
  • Learn how nutrition affects your moods
  • How work with your ‘danger zone’
  • Much, much more

Mind & Body Health Coaching is for anyone who eats!

  • It’s for those who are tired of fad diets and calorie counting
  • For those who are time poor
  • It’s for anyone who binge eats – emotional eats – overeats
  • For anyone who has been trying to lose weight
  • Anyone who thinks about food constantly
  • For those who use food as a reward and a weapon
  • For anyone needing guidance and accountability
  • Anyone suffering with health issues such as poor gut health like IBS.
  • It’s for YOU

Imagine Where You Could Be a Year From Now!

Imagine what you could achieve if all the energy you put into stress about body, weight and food was available for your life.

  • Where would you spend all that extra energy?
  • Who would you be now you are free from this battle?
  • What would you create?
  • The possibilities would be endless.
  • It is time for you let go of worry and self-sabotage and invest time into self-enquiry
  • Who are you at your core when all that has been holding you back is released?
  • A year from now you will thank yourself you started today

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How Did This Program Evolve?

After 25 years in the Fitness Industry, I too had been on every fad diet I could find.

As a Personal Trainer, I have facilitated 100’s of people through their weight loss transformation and each and every person came with a new lesson, everyone is different.

What is the SAME, you are your best nutritionist and you are NOT broken?

Your inner body wisdom will guide you when freed from addictive foods and behaviours. Thank your current habit or behaviour for demanding your attention. It is your bodies way of signalling, ‘we have some work to do here.’

What I have also learned, trying to lose weight with WILLPOWER, diet and exercise alone WILL NOT WORK. It is like trying to hold down a beach ball under water. Once you lose concentration, the balloon will pop up like your weight, high then before.

So WHY do you do You the way you DO?

Let’s get curious! Let’s have fun! Let’s begin!


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