Private Life Coaching Services

Inner Strength Coaching is based in Caves Beach, 25 minutes south of Newcastle, Australia. Our services include Life Coaching, Business, Career, Health & Relationship coaching.

Career Coaching

Dan Smith Owner Birdsong Wine Trails

Sometimes you meet people in this world, and you know you were supposed to cross paths.
Ray is that person!! I had known Ray on a professional level for many years, in the past six months had the privilege of working closely with Ray. She has guided me, shared tools and been there for me with her fantastic knowledge and support.
Ray, can help you appreciate what you have, and life is too short to worry about the insignificant’s.
Thank you, Ray, for all you have done for me. I can’t recommend Ray enough to help you with whatever stage you are in life.

Career & Business  Coaching

Career and Business Coaching is for anyone who may have any of the below reasons.

Do you feel stuck in your career or business?
Feel like a failure even though you have so much success.
Working a dead end job where your true passion is being wasted.
Are you helping someone else build their dreams instead of building your own?
You have ideas but not sure how to bring them to life.
Are you working too many hours and its effecting your relationships or health?
Do your communication skills need upgrading?
Your Inner Strength Coaching Career & Business Life Coaching program is designed to clear and create the path to your goals.
Find a healthy balance between career, health and relationships while leaning into your strengths and passions.
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Mindset Life Coaching

Tell me what you do in one day and I will tell you where you will be in a year. A 2-degree turn now, will have you in a different location in six months from now.
I know you have questions but don’t seem to have the answers? You feel stuck in life and not sure what step to take next? You love what you do and you know deep down inside you have more to offer to the world. But you feel you keep running in blockages with the number of people you serve, the income you and the impact you are making. You got great ideas but lack the motivation or accountability?
Your Inner Strength Coaching program shares the tools to find the answers within. Life Coaching with Raylee transforms decades of learning into days. Mindset and Life Coaching tools catapults you from where you are now to where you want to be.


Health & Weight Loss Coaching

Are you eating because you are truly hungry OR are you addicted to food filled with sugars and flour? Do you Binge-Eat, Emotional-Eat & feel powerless around food? If so, you are not alone.

Healthy Mind & Body Life coaching is an essential program to unlearn your negative habits and transform your relation with food.
Learn how by losing the ‘weight’ on your mind is closely related to shedding excess weight on your body. Trust in YOUR inner body wisdom by investing your time into self-enquiry.
No fad diets! No counting calories!
Create healthy habits for life and learn how to parent yourself. Disipline is too exhausting. Automic habits and lifestyle changes is your answer for health and happiness.
Take back control today!


Mind Your Behaviour Life Coaching

What thoughts are on repeat? Do you wonder why you keep experiencing the same things over and over? Your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings create your behaviours and actions. So how do you create new experiences? By creating new thoughts by learning to think on purpose. How?

Your Inner Strength Coaching Mind Your Behaviour program is the answer to reprogramming the way you think- feel-act.


Online Life Coaching

Are you interested in Inner Strength Coaching but finding time is tricky? Would scheduling a Life Coaching session on your lunch break, between meetings or when it’s your child’s nap time be most convenient? Online Life Coaching offers the flexibility, comfort and convenience all over the internet or phone.

Many clients prefer online as they feel more focused whilst in their own environment.


Hypnosis for Anxiety, Addictions & Habits

Are addictions, Over Eating, Binge Eating, Smoking, unhealthy habits or past trauma controlling your life? Hypnosis helps stop addictions, unhealthy habits, stress and anxiety fast. Hypnotic state allows also people to explore painful thoughts, feelings, and memories hidden from their conscious mind.

Are you committed to freeing yourself from unhealthy thoughts and habits? Call Newcastle Hypnotherapist and Life Coach Raylee Today!


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