How to Self-Coach Yourself
Thoughts create our feelings, feelings drives our behaviours and our behaviours are responsible for our results. Brooke Castillo teaches “The Model”. It is derived from all basic teachings from many of my mentors such as Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopper, Marianne Williamson and Byron Katie.
Let me share with you how you can apply this in your life.
The most important thing about “The Model” that there is no problem that can’t be solved by it.
Start by doing a thought download onto paper. Get it all out of your brain and take a look at your thoughts. Thoughts are sentences in your mind.
Let take a look at

The Model Template:

Determine what is truly a circumstance or fact, and what merely a thought is. It may feel like your thoughts are circumstances, but circumstances are neutral and have no adjectives or judgements.
Remember, thoughts determine feelings and everything we do or don’t in our lives is because of how we think we feel. A feeling is a vibration in your body.
It is important to understand that we feel the way we do, act the way we act, and get the result we get because of our thinking.


 CIRCUMSTANCES: Facts you don’t have control over. Things out of your control. Your Circumstance Line is for facts only.
THOUGHTS: Thoughts are just the sentences in your mind about a circumstance. The thought in the Thought Line is optional. Ask yourself, is this a thought you want to keep thinking based on how your thought makes you feel.
FEELINGS: Your thought is a vibration in your body caused by a thought.
ACTIONS: Actions are what we do or don’t do. Your behaviour goes in the Action Line. Remember you are creating your behaviour with your thoughts. You are either doing OR not doing something because of how your thoughts make you feel.
RESULTS: Results are the effects of our actions or inactions. If you want to know what you are thinking, look at the results you are getting in your life. You have created every single one of those results by the thoughts you have been thinking, which has caused your feelings which have driven your behaviour and actions.



Step 1: What is the problem?
• Circumstance
• Thought
• Feeling
• Action
• Result
For Example, You are feeling frustrated. Frustrated would going the feelings line.

Step 2: Why are you feeling FRUSTRATED? The answer to that question will give you your thought.
Thought: I just can’t work it out!

Step 3. What is that thought about?
• Circumstance: What this thought is about will be put in the circumstance line. A new phone

Step 4. Ask yourself, When I feel this way, what do I do?
• Action: What do you do when you feel frustrated? Get angry and quit.

Step 5. When you DO that thing, what do you create and what is the effect?
• Result: The effect from your action or behaviour. Phone still doesn’t work.
When you have asked and answered all these questions, you will see the cause of your frustration.

Example 2:
I am feeling overwhelmed:
Feeling: Overwhelmed
Thought: I think there is too much to do.
Circumstance: A new course to learn.
Action: Avoid starting course
Result: Nothing gets done

So by changing your thoughts, you change your results.

Circumstance: Stays the same. A new course to learn
Thought: Changed to, there is one thing I want to start with first.
Feeling: Now can change to feeling excited as it something you WANT to start with first.
Action: When you feel excited you DO the one thing.
Result: The one thing gets done. The result is no longer overwhelm but now achievement.

You can start managing your mind by understanding that everything you do starts with a thought. This makes behavioural change so much easier. When we try to change our behaviour without changing our thoughts firsts, we are working against ourselves.
If you want to feel differently, all you need to do is go in and change the way your brain is thinking. Start by separating facts from thoughts. When you have a thought, ask: How does it feel? What do you do when you feel that way? When I do that, what result do I get? Your result is always going to prove the original thought because the thought created that result. Period.

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