How to Change Your Past
Is it possible to change the past? Yes, if you have a magic wand.
Unfortunately I don’t know of any magic wands that actually work. So now what!
Sharing our negative version of our past with another person ONE TIME can be very helpful.
Reliving it over and over again – not so much.
If I was going to spend that much time reviewing my past, I’m also going to work on changing it.
I can hear you ask, HOW?
I truly believe you can change your past in whatever way you want. Why?
Because the fact is, the only place your past exists, is in your mind. The past is over. The future is in your imagination. All you have in this present moment is your thoughts about both.
Your past is your perception of your story. It’s how you choose to tell it. It’s the parts you choose to focus on determines how you feel.
If you don’t like the story you have told up until now, change it. I’m not suggesting you tell a mistruth, instead tell another story. Think about the parts of your story that were good and forgotten or ignored. Choose to remember and focus on them.
In my past, I would describe my early childhood to be one of loneliness and heartbreak. I would blame my parents’ divorce for teaching me how not to trust relationships. Now I choose to remember how strong my father was to raise 4 children on his own. His courage and determination to rebuild his life and create a successful business in the process is to be admired. I learnt that passion, hard work and persistence will be rewarded in a successful business. I thank my father for the belief I have in myself. I love and admire him.
Instead of focusing on the times I was without my mother, I focus on the great time I lived with her. I recall the horses she bought me when it was not really affordable. My mother would spend hours knitting jumpers (twisty jumper) for us and teach us to sew. My mother has taught me a lot about gardening I am grateful for all her life lessons. I could tell my mum anything and I never felt judged. Today my mother is always a good sounding board when I need her. I love and appreciate she is always doing the best she can.
My parents did the best they could with the resources they had. I did the best I could as a child with the resources I had also.
This is my new story and it works for me.
So guess what happens? You can change the story of your past too.
What you think about your past will affect what you currently feel and do. Now this is GREAT news, right?
So if you like your story about your past, keep it. If you don’t like it, change it.
Set yourself free. It really is that simple.