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How can a Life Coach help?

Do you make commitments or goals then always quit?

Maybe it’s a new “diet”, exercise, business, or even just a commitment to going out with someone.

Quitting is a habit and justifying it to yourself and others becomes a well-developed skill when practised regularly. If you practice quitting, you get better at quitting. If you practice following through, you get better at being someone who commits and completes.

Quitting something means that you had to have been committed to something to start with. There was something inside of you that wanted more, so what changed?

There was an initial thought that inspired the desire to set a goal/challenge or plan. Not drinking is easy; not over-eating is natural, not quitting is easy. What is hard is what remains, what we are left with, is our emotional life.

Some people commit yet quit even before they start. We tell ourselves we don’t know how to quit, but we do. The moment we feel challenged or out of our “comfort zone”, our brains natural response is to seek pleasure, avoid pain and reduce energy expenditure. A primitive brain will always drive the desire to quit. Quitting is a false pleasure. When you commit to a huge goal, and you’re in the middle of the struggle, quitting offers a sense of relief.

You didn’t fail because you quit. Sound familiar?

At this point, we must start managing our emotional life. We can’t stand the discomfort of chasing our dreams, and we can’t stand the discomfort of NOT chasing them either. This is where we get stuck, going back and forth.

We need to manage the discomfort instead of answering the relief with quitting. We need not give in to the confusion. Confusion will lie. Remember what the purpose of why you set out on this challenge or goal. What was the feeling you were to achieve in getting it? Tapping into this feeling NOW will help you to keep on keeping on. Anticipate the temptation to quit yet be committed and prepared to sit with the discomfort and continue anyway. So how do we do this?

Here is the process. You manage your mind, identify the thoughts, and choose then deliberately. You anticipate your desire to quit. Your thoughts create your feeling, and your feelings drive your results. We need to take massive action consistently and take a different action as necessary to create different results. If you keep doing and thinking about what you have always done, you are going to get what you have still got.

The more you overcome adversity, the more you stop quitting. The more you end quitting, the more mental muscle you grow, and you overcome challenges easily.

Remember when we stop pursuing our dreams, momentum stops too. Restarting over and over slows down the process.

So stop STOPPING. Quit quitting. Manage your mind and blow yourself away with what you can achieve.

I am here to help.

Coach Raylee

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