Thoughts on Repeat!
Do you know how many of your thoughts are repeated? Actually 95% of our thoughts are repeated with 80% of those negative. These thoughts are generally referred to as a thought loop that creates a minor obsession to eat, drink, check Facebook and Instagram or even drive past an ex-partners house over and over again.
As a Health, Fitness and Wellness coach, many of my clients have these loops about food or drink. You have an urge to binge, and then you binge. You have an urge to drink, and then you drink. This thought loop feels like it’s not within our conscious control. It’s like something has taken over our brain and we are no longer in control. Now that’s never the case, but it does sometimes feel that way.
Just like resistance training to get stronger in the gym, one of the ways to deal with these thought loops is by resisting them. Resisting anything makes it bigger and stronger.

My thought loops generally come from my obsession with controlling the uncontrollable. First I must recognise I’m caught in a thought loop. Secondly I ask myself a series of questions.

1. What do you think has gone wrong here?
2. What are you really wanting?
3. How are you trying to justify this illogical action?

Then you can find the answers and provide relief for yourself by stop trying to create it artificially with compulsive action. Compulsive action will never get you the ultimate result you want.

Once you have done the work on yourself, you will be equipped with the skills to separate yourself from your thought loop. You can take all that useless worrying energy and direct it into an important and productive project.
If you are resisting this energy, you will be exhausted. You will have no energy for anything. When you allow that energy flow in a refocused direction, you will feel energised by it.

So much of the work I have done over the years has been from redirecting energy. My businesses have been built on redirecting clients unhealthy thoughts around food, self-hatred and guilt. I have taken energy from thought errors, anxiety, worry, compulsion and used it to create something productive and useful for myself and for you. One of my clients was in a thought loop around food and her energy had her on constant food binges. Today her redirected energy is around swimming and nutrition meal preparations, resulting in a healthy mind and body.

The redirected energy is available to all of you.

What can you create with yours?