Making Time for Time Management!

Are you managing your time or do you feel like time is managing you?

Time is relative. The way we manage time is the way we think about it. True? How do we know this? We know this because sometimes time seems to go fast and sometimes it seems to go slowly. What many of us don’t realise is we have the power to deliberately create and manage time. Huh!
There is something inside our brains that resists planning. We resist making decisions ahead of time. Can you relate to having a sense that being able to react, be spontaneous, and not having plans, is somehow a freer life?
Actually, the opposite is true. The more you plan the freer you will be. You may have heard me say before, get rid of ‘To-Do-Lists’. Instead, when you find something that needs to be completed, schedule it. Make time in the future to get it done. The more you plan the more you will be able to deliver yourself the results you want. You will feel so much more control over your life.
I know some of you don’t plan as you fear or have a hard time following through. You figure if you don’t make the plans then you won’t set yourself up for disappointment. This does not reflect on an issue or time, but an issue of honouring commitments to ourselves. When you start running your life as if you respect and love yourself, it shows up in all areas of your life.
It is our human privilege to have the ability to plan something, to follow through on a plan and to consistently create whatever we put our energy towards.
Have you ever realised that you have lost time by not planning ahead? Instead you can do the opposite, making time by planning ahead. When you get rid of ‘To=Do-Lists’ and plan to do something like ‘I’m going to work on …. For an hour at this allocated time’. When you honour your plan, you have used that time so efficiently that you then give yourself an hour to relax.
Many times when you don’t plan, it takes twice as long to do the same thing because you haven’t thought it through ahead of time.

There are two main factors I have found to creating time. One is deliberately planning all possible outcomes ahead of time and how to use that allocated time efficiently. Number two is making strong decisions. Indecisiveness in my opinion is the biggest time waster. I’m talking about the indecision before you have made the decision, and the indecision after you’ve made the decision. Make one strong decision and stick to it.
It may seem time consuming and tedious to plan. It may also seem hard to make a decision. It is however the exact opposite. They are the most exciting and life-changing things you can do.

This is not about the passive action of getting a new planner and learning how to plan stuff better.

This is the massive action which is changing your relationship with yourself and with your word.

I’m ready to schedule you into my planner, are you?